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Google Chrome extension: Store your Ryanair user’s preferences

Download the google chrome extension. This extension allows you to save time when booking a Ryanair ticket by: storing you preferences (Firstname, Lastname, address, phone number, etc) pre-filling the forms to avoid paying extra charges (No bags, No insurances, No … Continue reading

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Google Chrome Extension: Inject contentscript in a webpage with js errors

Because the webpage contains errors, we can’t inject directly the content script using this code in the manifest.json file “content_scripts”: [ { "matches": ["http://*/*"], “js”: ["jquery.js", "content_script.js"] } ] But we can inject the code each time the page is … Continue reading

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No pagar los gastos de 12€ con Ryanair

Para no pagar los 12 euros de gastos bancarios (6€ ida + 6€ vuelta), necesitas una tarjeta MasterCard Prepaid. Se puede conseguir en varios bancos españoles como Santander, La Caixa, Caja Madrid, etc. He eligido la de La Caixa llamada Cyber … Continue reading

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