Personnalized video game to gift

As a side project, I'm developing KustGame a mobile video game where you can :
  • personnalize the player
  • add custom pictures
  • add special messages
The idea came when looking for a original way to offer a gift to my girlfriend : she had to finish the game to get the message indicating where was hidden the gift. In order to have quickly a product to sell, I used :
  • GameMaker, since the software allowing you to develop quickly and easily a game compatible with iOS, Android, windows, html5
  • Mobirize, to create the static homepage without the need of knowing HTML (for free).
  • Plain PHP without framework to develop the simple backend (no Java, no Symfony)
  • Shared host
  • jQuery to add nice interactions in the customize form (no angular, no backbone)
  • PayPal for it's simple API (NVP)
The aim of that version is to be as simple as possible and to test if there is a market. The video game is planned to be sell before Christmas and published on the AppStore (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android). By the way, Christmas is in 7 days, so the deadline is imminent.  
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